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Creative Duvets by the Amazing Doovay!

Creative Duvets by the Amazing Doovay!

The Story...

The idea for doovay came about a few years ago as my children were getting older and growing-up all too quickly. My son was visiting a friend's house on a sleepover and I was left, as usual, tidying his room! I took a moment to sit on his bed and, unashamedly, reminisced of the hours spent together in his room, reading bedtime stories, helping with homework and playing games.

It was at that moment I realised the potential for duvet covers as a giant, interactive canvass for supporting children's learning, allowing parents and children to spend time together. The idea for doovay was born, designing educational and fun bedspread covers.

So that's our story, we hope you enjoy our designs as much as we had fun in creating them. 

Maryann & Piers... Creators of Doovay


Doovay are a range of educational and engaging designs for duvet covers, capturing the imagination of children to provide moments of fun to help them grow.

Doovay have designed different covers across two ranges to evolve with children educational needs. Using 100% Percale cotton with a thread count of 200 - Their covers are really smooth, wash well and provide a refreshing feel for a good night's sleep.

Take a look here to select the doovay of choice.  

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