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Jewellery and Passion is Juno James

Jewellery and Passion is Juno James

Handmade... the best way!

Amanda Brady of Juno James Jewellery, designs and makes original hand made pieces using mostly Sterling Silver and Gold-filed wire and chain. She knits and crochets her items and combines new and vintage beads to create compelling and unique jewellery. 

Sourcing materials from far and wide, using rare beads mixed with Gold and silver, Amanda's designs are sensationally unique and one of a kind. One of the unique and distinguishable pieces is the square hand crocheted rings, that sets apart the skills and talent that is Amanda Brady

Amanda is a graduate of The National College of Art and Design (B.Des Vis Comm. First Class Honours) and Middlesex University (B.Sc. First Class Honours).

We at Studio One Hundred saw these designs by chance and instantly knew just how special and unique they were, this is why we are now working with Juno James and hope to forge an amazing relationship lasting long into the future.

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